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Events Limor Smits Coaching
You don't need to do it 


I can’t change the direction your life is going,
BUT I can help you become more
aware so you can
create a change in your life


​Limor Smits Coaching organizes various workshops,  webinars, and on location as well as online courses. 

Here is a list of some past events: 

  • Totem Wheel - Your Birthright - Workshop

  • Your Tarot Birth cards- Workshop

  • Harness The Power of the New Moon - Monthly meeting

  • Harness The Power of the Full Moon - Monthly meeting

  • Spirnology- Workshop

  • Befriend your Power Animals- Workshop

  • From Obstacles to Strength- Course

  • Elemental Women Circles- Monthly meeting

  • History of Tarot Cards - Webinar

  • Wheel of Life - Workshop

Please visit for more information, dates and tickets. 

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