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The short version:

  • Certified Life Coach

  • Motivational and Inspirational Speaker

  • Entrepreneur

  • Time Management Coach

  • Spiritual Fiery Woman

And now the longer version

A warm welcome, 

My name is Limor Smits and I am a coach (in training), motivational
and inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, and a spiritual fiery woman.


In my practice, Limor Smits Coaching, I provide transformational life coaching to the female community in The Netherlands and abroad, in-person and online.

At the moment I am following my second year at The International Coaching & Counselling Institute (ICCI) based in The Hague to become a certified coach.

I started my coaching career as a bookkeeper. Yes, a bookkeeper. When I opened my administration office back in 2010, it came to my attention that clients were looking for my advice not only regarding their business paperwork but also on their financial situation. I followed a course for budget coaching and expanded my services. But something was missing. I was motivated to do more, to offer more. I just didn’t know what. 

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The year 2017 was a turning point for me. Something in me changed. A new fire started to burn within me and I started to question my life. Was I on the right path? Was this the life I wanted
to have?


It was time to make some major changes. These changes led me
to an existential crisis, some people call it: The Dark Night Of The Soul.

Instead of finding who I was, I felt like I was losing myself completely. As I explored my needs and heart wishes, my childhood traumas, coping mechanisms, behavior patterns, insecurities, fears, and ego issues began to surface.


I call it all: The Shadows.

All things that are guiding our way in life from the subconscious. Things we might be doing without being aware of how they affect
us and the quality of our lives.


After re-discovering myself, establishing my philosophy, and learning to accept and love my whole being, I decided I want to
help other women do the same. 

Because I believe every woman has the power, knowledge, and burning fire within her to lead the life she truly wants, regardless
of her current life circumstances.

Every woman has the strength to overcome past shadows, traumas, and patterns, and the right to transform, evolve, develop, and feel fulfilled.

During the first academic year of my study to be a coach, I have coached several clients with great success towards a more meaningful life.

It gives me great pleasure to see the transformation each woman goes through once she overcome her challenges, accepting her shadows, and finding the burning fire within her. I am looking forward to working with more clients in the coming academic year and onwards.

In my practice, I am using the Person-Centered approach and create an environment in which every woman can learn to appreciate who she is and lead a meaningful life.

I combine in my work a variety of known coaching techniques and methods as well as self-developed and spiritual tools and coach in an empathic, non-judgmental, and loving manner.


My motivation is to help each client find her life philosophy, finding answers for questions she is dealing with, and gain insight into movement so that she can independently and confidently realize sustainable changes towards a more balanced and peaceful life. 

I hope you will find the information on my website and social media channels helpful in lighting the fire within you and creating the change you are looking for in your life.

All my love, 


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