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Are you

to embrace your shadows?
Are you ready to empower yourself, find your way, walk your path, claim your birthright and become the woman you are meant to be?

"If you eliminate my shadows
I am nothing

~ Lebo Grand

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Transformational Life Coaching

Let me start by explaining what coaching is all about

Transformational Life Coaching look to your past, focuses on today and helps you create a better tommorrow.

You may not be able to change the past, but it should not stop you from learning from it and use past experiences as a match to light the flame that is burning within your soul to create a better life for yourself.


Transformational Life Coaching empowers you as a woman to discover yourself and learn to listen to the whispers of your soul. It helps you take back control on your own life and set positive steps towards a life of balance and harmony. 

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Transformational Life Coaching areas

  • Self-discovery

  • Connecting to the subconsciousness

  • Heal from past wounds - embrace your shadows

  • Recognize Patterns of behavior and thinking that are blocking you

  • Learn self-love and acknowledge your self-worth

  • Have healthy relationships

  • Learn to communicate in an effective way - know the power of words

  • Find balance and inner peace

For who is Transformational Life Coaching

For you!

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a top career woman, at the end of the day we all have our struggles, needs and hartfelt whishes. If you have questions about the meaning of your life, you reach a point you feel a change is needed, you try to overcome the obstacles but feel stuck or you just have a dream you want to reach but don't know how, Transformational Life Coaching is for you. 

Are you faceing a specific challenge in your personal life or at work? Do you want to create a change in your life but you are just not sure how to get it? Do you feel like you just need someone to listen to you? Are you looking to re-discover who you really are and grow on your spiritual path?

If you answer "YES" to one of those questions, Transformational Life Coaching is for YOU!

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Practical information

Coaching can be either face-to-face or online using Zoom.
The first session takes about two hours while all other sessions are limited to 1,5 hours.

All information shared is confidential and any notes taken are kept in accordance with the European
General Data Protection Regulation Data Law (GDPR).

How do I work? 

What is my approach and what can you expect 

I believe that the value of Transformational Life Coaching is being able to give each client
a personalized and customized guidance fitting their specific needs and desires and is
very much depending on the personal challenges each client have.

Therefore, I am using the Centred Personal Approach in my practice. This approach put
you as the client in the center of all coaching sessions and help you find your way in the maze created in your mind and helps you clarify the fog and clouds so you can see the sun shining once again. 

Each person have it's own inner knowledge, old wisdom of the soul. You just need to learn to tap into this knowledge and find the answers that are allready in you. 
While coaching, we go together on a journey to find the path to your personal inner wisdom. Once you learn how to find the answers you are looking for, the road is open and you can continue moving on your journey, with or without my help. 

After you submit your request to plan a personal meeting with me, I will contact you to make an appointment and discuess what it is you are looking for. If we both feel that we can work together and if I believe I am the coach you need, we will make a second appointment for our first coaching session. 

During the first session, we will talk in depth about the reason you are seeking coaching. We will look into your consciousness and your subconsciousness to see if you are in alignment with your soul. 

From that moment, every coaching session and the tools I will be using can vary, as this is the moment it become very personal. Your issues, your level of awareness and your whishes are your own, they are unieque to you and to your soul blue print. Therefore, no one coaching session can be the same as the other. As we go on with the sessions, I will create and use different methods and tools to help you find answers, overcome any obstacle and resolve any issue you might be dealing with.