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In my previous blog article, I explained what a Medicine Women is. And now I want to go deeper and show you the different types of Medicine Women, each with her own rol and skills.

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The "Seer" (medium)

Intuitive / Empath

The seer sees through dimensions, time and space. The ability to be a Seer underlies many other Medicine Woman capacities, especially those of the Oracle and the Shaman.

Her extensive "sight" ability enables her to peer and penetrate the multidimensional fabric of existence.

She sees the expanded energy field and the multidimensional reality of life. Her hypersensitive system senses the emotions and energetic states of the people around her. She can choose to work on a subtle energetic level as a healer or to communicate to help others see the larger patterns and energies that are working in their lives.

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The "Oracle"

(prophet and truth-teller)

Holy Clown

The oracle sees and tells the truth from a high, multidimensional point of view. It serves as a guide to others in their quest for soul truth and focused action.

The ancient Oracle held a powerful place in society as a guide and moral compass for kings and ruling families - just as the fool or holy clown was often the only member of the king's court authorized to tell unflattering truths.

Her gifts and ability as a seer was combined with a powerful voice that spoke fearlessly about the shadow (dark and dark) side of life and the light (pure).

She tried to correct the imbalance and injustice in the world by challenging any behavior that deviates from pure and focused intention.

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The "shaman" (soul healer) Shadow worker

This medicine woman held on to the seer's gifts, but was supported and helped by her inner knowledge and her animal and vegetable guides.

She traveled between the veil of the visible and invisible dimensions and revealed the soul secrets mystery of her visitors. She was able to heal and heal all wounds, shadows and trauma.

She has lived and understood the powerful Hero's journey through life and death that had to be made for us to grow and heal.

It works through the physical body, emotions and subtle energies to promote and support complete healing.

Her healing work is grounded and real, leading to powerful transformation.

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The 'priestess' (circle holder)


The priestess is a holder of ritual and ceremonial space for women to gather in a circle to heal and help them embody their own sacred feminine power and authority.

She is deeply connected to her womb and sexual power and helps both men and women embody divine love.

She reminds us all of our strength and spiritual connection and supports spiritual obligations through art, dance, ritual and song.

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The "Nature Witch" Earth medicine holder

The Nature Witch connects intuitively and connects through her ancestral knowledge with the healing power of plants, medicinal herbs, plant extracts, crystals and other elements of nature.

Through her work, she brings balance and health back to the human body and mind through the deep healing energies provided by Mother Earth.

Her job is knowing how to support the people around her. She has fine and intricate knowledge that she applies precisely to the healing of specific ailments and physical illnesses, as well as correcting psychological and energetic imbalances.

She may call herself a beekeeper, herbalist or midwife, but she is a nature witch.

In my practice I wear the role of The "shaman" (soul healer and shadow worker). As such, I work a lot with Totem and Power Animals, Spirit Animals and Familiars.


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Limor Smits is an alternative life coach, shadow coach, spiritual mentor, inspirator and motivator.

In her practice she offers private sessions as well as workshops in groups.

She also organizes monthly fire women's circles and gives various inspiring and motivating lectures in which she shares stories from her personal life and experiences.

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