Always someone

That girl who you used to tease becuase she had curls in her hair ...

To you, she was NO ONE

She was ashamed of her curls and thought she was ugly

You are always SOMEONE ... Pass it on

That daughter who you punished because you couldn't understand her ...

To you, she was NO ONE

She longed for warmth, security and love

Always again SOMEONE ... Always you

Pass it on

That young girl who you used to hit because she was too fat in your eyes ...

For you, she was NO ONE

She grew to believe that no one will ever like her

Tell yourself ... I am always SOMEONE

Radiate it

That young woman who you tried to kill just because she had a different belief ...

For you, she was NO ONE

She didn't feel safe ever since

Tell the other ...

You are always SOMEONE

Pass it on

She was labeled as weird, complicated, difficult and unruly.

All her life she was NO ONE ...

she couldn't see she was truly SOMEONE!

She was a beautiful soul, full of love for her fellow man, was always there for everyone, helping others was her mission in this life!

She was very sensitive, and she needed help, but no one heard her silent screams.

And then one day she was gone ... and all of a sudden everyone had something to say ...

All of a sudden everyone knew who she was and everyone thought of ways to help her ... All of a sudden she was no longer NO ONE ... but SOMEONE !!!!

She had a name, a face, and a story ...

Don't just say it ... Always show it


Written by Limor Smits and Marinus van den Berg

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