Four kinds of Spirit Animals

Spirit Animals are mostly associated with traditional and modern Western shamanic practices.

During initiations or shamanic journeys, the shaman would find one or more animals with which she or another person is attached. Traditionally the Spirit Animal is used for guidance.

Spirit Animal is characterized as a teacher or messenger who comes in the form of an animal and has a personal relationship with an individual. The animal comes to give you its 'medicine' in the form of guidance, lessons, protection, power or wisdom. Spirit Animals are divided into four types, each with its own task.

The messenger comes into your life quickly and immediately leaves the eye once the message has been understood.

It often conveys a self-growing spiritual message or a warning of certain situations and future dangers. It will be a very unusual experience in most cases, which will make it feel very powerful and very impartial at the time.

To protect you, the messenger can sometimes delay your life to make sure you are not in a particular place at a particular time so that you can avoid further danger.

This Spirit Animal does everything it can to make sure you stay aware of the danger ahead.

A Shadow Animal is one that you are initially afraid of. It often represents inner fears that you must overcome.

A Shadow Animal will return again and again carrying strong feelings of fear until its message is processed or a lifestyle change occurs.

In nature there is prey and predator. In the spiritual world it is the same. This animal is very powerful and can help you overcome your fears, but if you ignore it, it can become dangerous and its powers have a negative effect on your life.

A Shadow Animal will arouse your fears and will use its power against you, but once you understand your lesson, this animal's medicine will be one of your most powerful guides.

A lifecycle animal appears when you need to make a life-changing decision, when you feel like you are at a fork in the road of your life.

It represents a path that can take months or years to complete.

Lifetime animal can be a friendly travel companion can help you, if you are lost on the way, help you find the way. Unlike the Messenger who comes and leaves quickly, the life journey animal will remain by your side until the current cycle in your life has changed.

A Life Path animal does not show up during specific situations, but remains a part of you throughout life.

This Spirit Animal is actually a reflection of your inner spiritual self and shows you who and what you really are.

Life Path Animal is there to remind you of your strengths and your inner workings and is present in your environment or in your thoughts when you need its strengths and specific qualities.

for example, if your Life Path animal is a bear, you must be a person who likes to be alone, a knowledge seeker and well versed.

Your life toad animal can be an animal with whom you feel connected as a child or with whom you now feel related.

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