Introduction to Totem animals, Spirit animals, power animals and Familiars

The terms 'Spirit Animal', 'power animal' and 'Totem animal' are terms that are often confused, while they have very different meaning and function.

Time to create order and clarify these terms.

What is the purpose of Spirit Animal, Totem Animal, Power Animal and Familiars?

Totem Animals, Spirit Animals and Power Animals are messengers from the Spirit world. These beings are our teachers, guides and advisers.

Any living creature can potentially be a Totem, Spirit, or Power Animal. As you learn more about these animals you will increasingly discover their value and receive the messages that can help you not only on your spiritual path, but also in daily life.

By working with your companion animals you can reach a whole new level of consciousness and explore your own inner spiritual landscape. In this landscape, the energy of all spiritual beings manifests, providing the help, insights and abilities you need at that moment.

However, ancient native tribes took it a step further and began to see animals as messengers and symbols of Spirit that predicted or gave directions. This is how Totem Animals and Spirit Animals were born. When the Shaman saw a deer in a dream the night before hunting, he told the hunters that the deer spirit showed him a successful hunt.

What is the difference between a Spirit Animal, Totem Animal, Power Animal?

Most books and websites refer to Totem, Spirit and Power animals as a whole. However, this is not an accurate description of the role these animals have in our lives.

Yes, the symbolism, meanings and sacred messages that we perceive come to us from the animal world and herein any part of an animal's symbolism can be applied to their definition as a Totem, Spirit or Power Animal. However, it is important to know what role the animal has in interpreting the messages correctly.

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