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Totem animals play a huge role in our lives. They aid in sieve discovery, capture our imaginations and give us incredible avenues of self-expression and awareness.

In addition, they help us understand the past, and if we are attentive, our totem animals can reveal a glimpse of our future. By paying attention to the beings that come into our lives, we can learn tremendous lessons and receive essential guidance.

Native American tradition tells us that your totem animals will stay with you throughout your life. As you grow and change spiritually, the meaning of your totem animals also grows in your consciousness.

Where does the concept of Totem animals come from?

In the distant past, cultures were closer to the environment and paid more attention to Gaia (Mother Earth). Indigenous tribes watched nature and learned the lessons they were taught.

The term 'totem' comes from the Indian Chippawa tribe in North America. As the years passed, this term spread among most tribal cultures. A totem is an element of nature, usually an animal, to which we feel a connection, from which we can learn about ourselves, the environment in which we work, and even receive messages and guidance.

According to indigenous tribes, every human gets as many as nine totem animals to accompany him / her throughout his / her life. At the root of this philosophy is the belief that each person has nine qualities, nine lessons to be learned, nine abilities inherent in him and characterizing him in different areas and situations in his life. This is also called the nine qualities.

Knowing your totem animals allows for a better understanding of your emotional world, cognitive and spiritual characteristics as well as patterns of action. It can also recognize, understand and use your unique skills to achieve optimal performance. It can also help you identify difficulties and obstacles and bring about change where necessary.

Your personal totem animal map is created based on the deep knowledge we have within us and the reflections of the natural world around us. Like all Indigenous knowledge, this interpretation is based on the eternal circle of the four directions: South, West, North and East.

Each animal has its own position on the map that is related to a certain part of life including the beginning of a process, what inspires us and allows us to move on, how we think, what is the animal that protects us and connects us with inner peace, which animal helps us to believe in ourselves, how we act in relationships, how we end processes and more.

A connection with a totem animal means identification with the animal's healing qualities for growth and connection with the inner purpose. Our personal totem animals provide us with their healing qualities to teach us to maximize our abilities.

Unlike tarot card readings and readings, a personal totem animal card is made only once and continues to accompany you throughout your life, despite the processes and transformations that occur in life

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