Lecture: My story

"So what have you been through in the past year?" he asked me.

I looked at him with wide eyes and then looked down at the floor. How do you explain to someone what you have felt, experienced, seen when you were completely grounded?

"I had gone to a place where few people come back from" ... I finally said.

"Huh? I don't understand" .. he said ... few people come back? But you did come back? What kind of place is that? and how did you get back? "

"Compare it to a volcano" .. I said then. “A volcano that's completely empty… and you fall into it… and you keep falling… it's the darkest, darkest part of your mind, of your brain, of your existence. .. only air that keeps you floating .. but not reaching the ground ".

"I'm trying to visualize it" ... he said.

I started to laugh. "You can't visualize it. If you haven't been there, you can't even imagine it." "It is a place where your inner fire extinguishes ... or threatens to extinguish".

"What's the problem when the fire goes out?" He asked. "Fire can be devastating, isn't it better that it's out?"

"No, because fire can also give warmth and protection. It is the motivation of your passion, of your will to live. When the fire is out, your soul dies" ... I replied.

"But you got out anyway"

"Yes, because I found a way to rekindle the fire, to get the lava in the volcano moving again. I have used the air in this void to feed the fire, to help it grow. It started to bubble. , started to rise, to move more and more until there was no other way .. it came as an explosion from the volcano. And with that fire, that lava, my soul was released again. "

I will tell about my experience with the emptiness and how I was able to turn the fire back on during a lecture that is very personal. I share my story and give practical tips on how you can embrace, accept, and learn to love the emptiness.

About the author

Limor Smits is an alternative life coach, shadow coach, spiritual mentor, inspirator and motivator.

In her practice she offers private sessions as well as workshops in groups.

She also organizes monthly fire women's circles and gives various inspiring and motivating lectures in which she shares stories from her personal life and experiences.

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