My Promise As a Coach

If you come to seek my help, I will have the courage to walk with you in the darkness and through the pain that you are suffering.

I will put you in the fire, I will undress you from old patterns, and I will sit you on the earth.

I will bathe you with herbs, I will light your way and guide you until you can surrender the anger, pain and sorrow within you.

I will put you to lay in the grass, face up to the sky

Then I'll blow on your crown to clear out the old memories and patterns and I will put my hands on your forehead to chase away the thoughts that cloud your vision.

I'll pat your throat gently to release the knot that won't let you talk.

I will pat you on your heart to scare away the fear so it cannot block you.

I will light your solar plexus to extinguish the fire of hell you carry inside, so you will know peace.

I will blow fire into your belly to burn off the attachments that prevent you from moving on

I will stir your heart to warm you up, to rekindle your desires, to create and to start over

I will help you embrace your sexuality and embrace your feminine so you will learn to love yourself

I will use with a broom, sponge and cloth to clean all bitterness in you.

I will free your hands from the handcuffs that prevent you from creating

And then I'll turn your body so your face can kiss the earth.

I will help you find the strength again and walk upright with pride.

And I will let you rest.

After this, you will cry, and then you will sleep. In your sleep you will dream beautiful, meaningful dreams. And when you wake up, I will still be there for you.

I will smile at you and you will smile back

I will offer you food and you will eat it with pleasure, you will taste life.

And I will thank you. Thank you for giving me a chance to offer you something that was previously offered to me when the darkness lived within me.

And then we will walk together, and as we walk, we will speak in silence, and we will shout all your desires to the world.

And I'll take you to the fire again.

And the fire will listen, and the mountains will listen, and the rivers will listen, and the wind will listen ... and the echo will whisper, and together we'll create hope.

Together we will bow before the fire, thanking all visible and invisible protectors, guardians, guides and helpers.

You will thank them all. And you will thank yourself.

Inspired by Yogesh Kumar

About the author

Limor Smits is an alternative life coach, shadow coach, spiritual mentor, inspirator and motivator.

In her practice she offers private sessions as well as workshops in groups.

She also organizes monthly fire women's circles and gives various inspiring and motivating lectures in which she shares stories from her personal life and experiences.

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