Shadow coaching with the 4 elements

Updated: Feb 9

In my blog articles What is shadow coaching and I am a shadow worker, I told you what shadow coaching entails and what I can do for you as a shadow coach.

In this blog article I want to take you into the basics of the coaching method developed by me: "The Nomadic Journey of the Soul" in which I make use of the four natural elements (water, earth, fire and air).

To explain it as clearly as possible I use a metaphor of a house. The house symbolizes man and the different rooms of the house represent the four natural elements. Keep reading… it will become clearer in a moment 😉

What does a coaching process look like?

With every coaching process we start with the basement - that is the place where all your shadows are hidden. The basement often feels unpleasant and scary. It's dark, cold and chilly, full of spiders and cobwebs. What you don't realize is that all these spider webs are your first point of light! In Shamanic traditions the spider symbolizes life and is called "the weaver of life".

You see, right there, in the cold, dark cellar, where all your shadows are kept, is the weaver of life. The spider uses all of your shadows to tell a story - the story of your soul.

The spider uses all of your shadows to tell a story - the story of your soul.

When you're ready, we'll grab a flashlight and head down into the basement.

In the basement, among all the rubbish and cobwebs, we find dozens of boxes.

Congratulations: you have taken the first step.

You acknowledge that there are boxes full of shadows in your basement.

Time for step two.

We're going to see what's in these boxes. We will open them by using two tools:

  1. We beWe first start with a questionnaire that I have developed. This list consists of two parts with four questions per part. In the first part you give intuitive answers, from your subconscious mind. In the second part, the answers come from your conscious part. This test helps you to see the difference between the subconscious and the conscious and reveals if (and if so, where) you are on the balance line between your subconscious and the conscious. Are your answers equal or close, then you are reasonably balanced. If your answers are completely different, we will work on that first. It is essential that you are well connected with yourself if you want to start with shadow coaching.

  2. Then we will use maps to delve deeper into your subconscious mind. For this I use both Tarot and oracle cards. I put the cards in the so-called "Celtic cross layout".

These leggings provide a very comprehensive view of your life. The ten cards that are drawn are in a specific place and each position represents an aspect of your life:

  1. What is going on in your life and in yourself at the moment?

  2. What hinders or helps you?

  3. What baggage do you contribute from the past (both past lives and this life)

  4. Where are you now?

  5. What can you expect in the next three months?

  6. What are your deepest desires?

  7. What is the role of the environment in this?

  8. What are your deepest fears?

  9. Advice card

  10. Possible outcome.

Note: No future is predicted with the cards. It is only intended to provide insights and indicate POSSIBLE outcomes. Everything can change depending on the choices you make and the actions you take or will take.

Now that we know what shadows there are (broadly) we can move on to step three. We take out all the boxes and put them in the living room, by the fireplace.

We take a deeper look at the contents of each box and then divide it into the different rooms of the house.

The rooms are connected to the natural four elements: water, earth, fire and air. The rooms are divided as follows:

  • The garden - earth element. The earth element symbolizes sowing and planting in the physical world.

  • The bathroom - water element. The water element is connected to our emotional world.

  • The living room - Fire. Fire is our passion, our will to live, our desires and dreams and our manifestation force.

  • The attic - air element. The element of air is a symbol of our thought world and the rational part of ourselves.

This was the basis of shadow work and of the coaching trajectory: The Nomadic Journey of the Soul.

In my next blog article I will go into more detail about the different phases of this coaching process.

About the author

Limor Smits is an alternative life coach, shadow coach, spiritual mentor, inspirator and motivator.

In her practice she offers private sessions as well as workshops in groups.

She also organizes monthly fire women's circles and gives various inspiring and motivating lectures in which she shares stories from her personal life and experiences.

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