The Totem wheel - the nine qualities of your totem animals

In my previous blog article 'Totem animals - what are they' I explained where the term 'totem' comes from and what totem animals are. In this article I will go deeper into the meaning of each totem animal when placed in a Totem Wheel reading.

During development in the womb, both the female and male energy is breathed into the human being. This also includes the first two Totem animals that will walk by your side for the rest of your life.

These animals are commonly referred to in the Totem as:

The animal to the right

This animal protects the masculine energy within you and serves as your "father protector" from within.

It carries your courage and the spirit of the warrior within you. This all-encompassing protector with his courageous spirit will teach you how to invoke the courage within yourself to face your inner fears and attacks from the outside world.

The right totem animal represents quality actions, results and courage. It explains how ideas and thoughts (of the feminine energy) are put into practice. How the planning should be put into practice.

The animal to the left

This animal is the protector of your feminine energy and teaches you the importance of give and take.

This animal is also your teacher about relationships and motherhood. This totem animal nurtures and teaches the nourishing aspects of your life.

As a true bearer of love, she teaches you to adapt to life situations and changes. It also teaches you to receive abundance and reminds you to nurture yourself and others.

The left totem animal represents the feminine qualities, motivations, thoughts and relationships.

It talks about the inner processes underlying the actions, the thoughts, the planning and the formulation of ideas.

In addition to these two Totem animals, there are seven other animals that are attributed to humans. These animals are linked to the seven directions that surround the physical body:

Totem animal in the East

The third animal attributed to humans.

As the sun rising in the East lights up the day, the totem animal of the East comes to illuminate your personal path.

This traveling totem animal helps you see your spiritual challenges more clearly and guides you to a spiritual awakening.

The totem animal in the east represents inspiration and the beginning of processes. It can teach you how to start processes, how to behave in order to be effective and point out difficulties that stand in your way.

The totem animal of the east is linked to the element of fire and the qualities of wanting and feeling.

Affirmations You Can Use:

My will is fiery and that gives me decisiveness. My feeling is like fire, it can flare up and be extinguished

Totem animal in the South

The fourth animal to be awarded.

The animal in the south protects your vulnerable inner child and reminds you when to be humble and when to trust so that innocence will be balanced in your personality.

This totem animal is about your emotional wisdom and helps you to remain the true self in spite of the ever-changing emotional waters of life.

The totem animal in the south represents emotions and belief. It teaches you about your inner world of emotions and how you experience things on an emotional level, behavior in this context, and so on.

The totem animal of the south is linked to the element of water and the qualities of feeling and acting.

Affirmations You Can Use:

I feel the movement of water, my feeling is already current. I act with the movement of the water

Totem animal in the West

You are guided to your personal truth and inner answers by the fifth Totem Animal.

It also shows you the path to your goals. Your totem animal in the west will help you dig deeper to find your personal truth and lead you to listen to your intuition and clarify your goals.

The totem animal in the west represents the end of processes and the inner knowing. It teaches you about the end of processes and progress in fulfilling your desires.

Here you will learn how to take the final steps towards the goal, the problems that arise in these moments and more.

The totem animal of the west is linked to the element of earth and the qualities of action, letting go and thinking.

Affirmations You Can Use:

I act according to the needs of the earth and let go. I think and run the earth through my thinking

Totem animal in the North

Your northern animal gives you wise advice that reminds you when to speak and when to be silent and listen.

This sixth Totem Animal also reminds you to be grateful every day for every blessing. This totem animal encourages you to express yourself.

The totem animal in the north refers to personality traits, modes of action, and challenges that generally accompany you and that you must recognize. These can be related to internal or external processes.

The totem animal of the west is linked to the element of air and the qualities of thought and will.

Affirmations You Can Use:

My mind is like air, like clouds drifting My will is like air, like clouds drifting

Totem animal from Above

In our modern world it can be more difficult to trust that there is a Great Universal Mind, Source, or Spirit.

The Native Americans called it Father Heaven or The Great Spirit.

The seventh spirit animal is a reminder that you have come from the stars and will return to the stars and can help you to believe in this Spirit.

This animal teaches to honor your Father Heaven and protects your subconscious mind that receives important messages. This totem animal is also the guardian of the dreamtime - the gateway to other dimensions.

The totem animal from above is characterized by wisdom and healing. It teaches you about the connection with higher worlds and knowledge. This could be related to knowledge acquisition, learning, intuitive absorption, and more.

The totem animal of Onder

The eighth animal leads you to Mother Earth and how important it is to stay grounded and balanced as you go through life.

If you are not grounded, it is difficult to stay firmly on your true path.

This totem animal teaches you about your daily behavior, the characteristics of doing in your daily life, what motivates you and what gets in your way.

The totem animal from below represents the physical world and teaches you about your daily behavior, the characteristics of doing, how to act, what motivates you and what gets in your way.

The totem animal within

The ninth and also the last Totem animal that is assigned to the human being melts together in the essence of the soul, as it were.

This totem animal brings you the desire of your heart, teaches you how to find the joy of your heart, and gives you the strength to stay true to your dreams and your personal truths.

It is also the protector of your sacred space, the place that is yours alone, where your true self can be found and is rarely shared with others. Only you know the real you, deep down, and the work you still have to do to grow.

Sometimes this is a heavyweight to carry, but this totem animal will also teach you the benefits of finding joy wherever you walk to lighten your load.

The totem animal within is about your inner essence and your sacred space.

It teaches you the essence of who you are. It is the most powerful totem animal and the traits it brings project to all levels and processes in your life.

The totem card is placed only once and never changes again.

Do you want to know what your totem animals are and what their meaning is?

Make an appointment for a totem wheel reading.

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