Who and what is the fiery woman?

Updated: Feb 9

The fiery woman is my own term for a medicine woman. And in this blog article I will explain what is a medicine woman.

A medicine woman is one of the most forgotten and repressed female archetypes in human history. She is the wise woman, the seer, the oracle, the shaman, the intuitive, the healer, the sexual priestess, the herbalist. She is a nature witch, a queen, a warrior and guardian of the truth.

In ancient indigenous cultures, medicine women were the local psychologists, therapists, doctors and marriage counselors. One of the medicine woman's primary duties was to ensure the well-being and emotional balance of her tribe, and in some tribes, the medicine women were given the responsibility of making the warriors' shields because they were believed to have special powers that control those war shields and would provide extra protection for the owners.

Copyright: The Divine Feminine door Meggan Watterson

The medicine woman held the gifts of energy restoration, healing, perspective and awareness. She saw the past and the future through the eyes of compassion and looks deep into the hearts of others.

Her passion was to serve and restore balance and harmony. Her gifts of vision and healing were honored and integrated into the lives of those she served.

She brought wisdom and humility to mighty rulers and nurtured the sacred feminine by honoring the cycles and fertility of the earth. Her forward-looking shamanic vision was ancient medicine for the soul.

Why did the medicine woman disappear from our global consciousness?

With the rise of the masculine energy, which took more and more place in the world, the heart of feminine power began to be forgotten and even women forgot to see themselves as powerful.

Copyright: Angels and Ancestors Oracle door Kyle Gray

For a time, the feminine energy was repressed, condemned, punished, perverted and eventually forgotten in many cultures. Throughout history, the violent repression of the power of female medicine intensified to a peak with the hunting and burning of "witches" in the great European Inquisition. Countless women have lost their lives and endured excruciating physical and emotional trauma as a result of the demonization of feminine magical and healing power. Their power went underground and the medicine woman's gifts were destroyed from our culture, our memories, our minds and our hearts.

The Return of the Medicine Woman

Copyright: Isis Oracle door Alana Fairchild

We live in a world dominated on the one hand by religion and on the other hand by rationality and science. None of these recognize the magic, mystery, intuitive nature, healing power of the medicine woman.

Yet there are millions of women on this planet who bear the memories of their extraordinary powers, as well as the wounds of denial, punishment, and suppression of their birthright to be strong women.

The medicine woman lies deep at the heart of many women teachers, healers, counselors, guides, coaches, physicians, solemnists, social activists, entrepreneurs, visionaries and artists.

Copyright: The Gospel of Aradia Oracle door Stacey Demarco

These women have been educated and raised in an environment controlled by masculine energy, yet have chosen to connect with the power of the feminine within.

Clearly, the medicin woman is poised to resurface in the complexities of the modern world.

It is up to each of us to explore our true motivations and passions, to recognize ourselves as medicine women, to heal ourselves, and to find out how our passion for life becomes our goal.

In my practice I play the role of The "Shaman" (soul healer) and I work a lot with Totem and Power Animals Spirit Animals and Familiars.

I know how confusing and painful this journey can be. Confronting all your wounds, diving into all the deep layers of your own consciousness and subconsciousness and connecting with all the hidden abilities that are within you can often feel very lonely, as it is against everything that is considered "normal" in the world. current society.

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About the author

Limor Smits is an alternative life coach, shadow coach, spiritual mentor, inspirator and motivator.

In her practice she offers private sessions as well as workshops in groups.

She also organizes monthly spiritual circles and gives various inspiring and motivating lectures in which she shares stories from her personal life and experiences.

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