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Soul Reflection Session
The other side of your shadows is just one step behind spiritual life coaching

What do we do during a Soul Reflection session? 

A Soul Reflection Session always starts with creating a safe space and an invitation to connect to the voice of your soul. For this, we use singing bowls to connect to the energy of the seven chakras.

We continue to discover the season you are in life at the present moment and use reflective questions to help you understand the wisdom that is revealed to you.

I will encourage you to have the courage to explore areas that are in need of compassion and healing and will share with you tools and exercises that can assist you in listening to and trusting your intuition.

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Areas of a Soul Reflection Session

  • A safe space for you to pause and connect with yourself

  • Sacred time to reflect and connect with your inner-knowledge

  • Guidance as you develop awareness and strengthen the relationship with your soul

  • Uncovering challenges and repeating patterns in your life

  • Encouragement to use your discoveries as guide post to align with your hearts longings and making lasting changes in your life

  • Through a series of gentle questions and sacred rituals, you will be guided through self-exploration

  • Learn to listen to the whispers of your soul, signal signs that are showing on your path and love whatever arises for you.

  • Exploretion of where you are now and where you want to go

  • Learn to let go and manifest what you desire

Tools used in Soul Reflection Sessions

  • Singing bowl

  • Tuning forks

  • Reflective questions

  • Tarot- and Oracle Cards

  • Guided meditations

  • Coaching exercises

  • And more...

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