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Starting your business in the Netherlands

Every country has it’s own rules and regulations. Registering for a business licence outside your home land can be extremely time-consuming process.

But with the right guidance and preparation, setting up your own company can be a fun and exciting experience.


As a coach with 8 years of bookkeeping and budgeting background and as an entrepreneur myself, I aid foreign entrepreneurs with the process of legal, registration and tax procedures.

During this trajectory, we will talk about the requirements for starting a business in the Netherlands, the legal structures, which taxes would you have to pay, permits you might need, advisable insurances, hiring a space and more.

Starting a business coaching
Starting a business guidance

What will we talk about? 

  • Choosing the name of your company

  • Choosing and registering the ideal legal form

  • Learning about tax system and tax requirements

  • Registering your company with the Chamber of Commerce

  • Opening a local business bank account

  • Setting up your business administration

  • Applying your VAT tax

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Privacy (GDPR) Personal data processing

But wait, there is more

  • Choosing and registering a domain name

  • Creating a business email address

  • Building a website

  • Creating the right Social Media channels

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Starting a business in the Netherlands