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The Lounge Center

Center For Personal & Spiritual Growth

The Lounge Center is an online spiritual community center.


We offer women all over the world a safe space to share, learn and grow together.

The Lounge Center also host spiritual, empowerment, and motivational workshops and events.

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Join us every month for:

  • Elemental Women Circle

  • Full Moon Ceremony

  • New Moon Ceremony 

We also organize theme based workshops:

  • Self-love

  • Increase confidence

  • Gratitude

  • Find career path

  • Guidance for new entrepreneurs

  • Motivational

  • Communication

  • Self Understanding

  • Find your purpose in life

  • Improve awareness and discover your soul's identity
  • Develop your talents and reach your full potential

  • Enhance the quality of your life

  • What is your life philosophy

  • The art of letting go

  • Vision and goals

  • Find your balance

  • Improve your relationships

  • Twin Flames guidance

  • And many more...

In our workshops, we use a varity of pschycological tools and modern coaching technics combined with ancient shamanic teachings, tarot, numerology and astrology.

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Our Workshops

Harness the Power of the New Moon

Join us each month for a New Moon ceremony and rituals.

During a Moon ceremony, we celebrate the divine power and connect to the magical influence of the Moon energy.

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Design Your Life

The Wheel of Life is a coaching tool that originates from Tibetan Buddhism and focuses on different areas of life, also called the happiness factors of life. 

The Wheel helps you map your satisfaction with different parts and areas in your life and shows you how to bring more balance and create happiness and success. 

In this workshop, we take it one step further and use cards to help you find answers from the unconsious mind. 

Totem Animals - Your Birthright

Your Totem animals are the animals attached to your soul from birth. Their traits, powers, and wisdom are all inside you. 

Join us on this mystical journey to discover your birthright and learn how to tap into the hidden powers that run through your veins

This workshop is part one out of a sequence of three shamanic workshops. 

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Befriend Your Power Animals

Join a mystical Shamanic journey and discover the power animals that are guiding you at this moment in life.

Learn how to draw strength and wisdom from your power animals and feel their protection, guidance and empowerment.

This workshop is the second part of a sequence of three shamanic workshops

Familiars - Hidden messages 

A familiar is an animal spirit guiding you during a specific period in your life.

During this workshop, you will learn to connect and communicate with your animal that wants to share with you the knowledge and wisdom to steer the wheel of your life in the right direction

This is part three of a sequence of three shamanic workshops

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Spirinology - Spirit Animals & Numerology

 There are countless workshops about Numerology. In shamanic circles, Spirit Animals are also very popular and there are many workshops teaching you how to connect to those animals.

But there is no workshop that combines the knowledge of Numerology with shamanic teachings.

Until now

This unique workshop will teach you how to calculate your personal numbers and combine them with the animals that are guiding you on your path. 

From obstacle to strength

Many people are afraid of "the shadows". The parts of you that are hidden, kept in secret, and probably get you stuck in certain behavioral and emotional patterns that keep you where you are and prevent you from growing. Your obstacles!

During this training, you will learn to recognize those patterns, embrace them and even love them. Once you do, they can never have a negative power over you again, and you will be free to spread your wings and fly as high as you want

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Elemental Women Circles

When a group of women comes together, magic happens.

Every month, we organize an evening for our (online) community where we come together (via Zoom). 

We will meditate, share and empower each other. 

Join us and find out for yourself the powerful energy of women worldwide. 

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Share the Energy

Every first Monday of each month we welcome the energies of the month with a musical evening. 

Join us for an hour singing bowls and manifest good vibes for the coming month

Harness the Power of the Full Moon

Join us each month for a Full Moon ceremony and rituals.

During a Moon ceremony, we celebrate the divine power and connect to the magical influence of the Moon energy.

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The Lounge center is part of the Limor Smits Coaching organization. If you like to
join one or more of our workshops, please contact us through the
contact form

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